Always Wandering, Never Lost

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Welcome to The Wanderlost Project

We make it easy to plan your next adventure; taking the hassle out of planning while letting you enjoy your experience and build extraordinary memories.



  • Plan Itineraries

  • Design Routes

  • Choose Meals

  • Share With Friends

  • Coordinate Gear

  • Adventure Like A Pro



  • Discover new trails by leveraging our library

  • Share and manage your   trails in a secure environment

  • Easily import and export your content


  • Build meal plans

  • Create shopping lists

  • Sign up for meals

  • Access meal plans from nutritionists

  • Pull from our list of recipes


  • Manage your inventory

  • Save and share lists of proven gear

  • Utilize expert vetted gear lists


“Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”

Amelia Earhart


Our Story

We started as friends in college who were brought together by our love of adventure and being outdoors.  Those were the days of little to no technology, paper maps, getting lost, discovering epic adventures and making amazing memories.  

Over the years we have added partners, children, pets and new friends to the mix.  It became even more important to us to keep on adventuring despite the realities of life.   As the planning got more complicated and technology got better we started realizing that there wasn’t anything out there that really did what we needed to accomplish- planning amazing trips with geographically dispersed friends and family so we could go get lost and not worry about the logistics.

As we all started talking (read complaining) about existing software, we came to realize we were at a place both personally and professionally where we could create the software we needed.  So for the past year, each of us took notice of what components the software would need while we were on various adventures ranging from cross-country trips, rock climbing, mountain biking, and overlanding. The very best part is that each of our friends, their partners, children and even pets have contributed in some way to create and launch The Wanderlost Project

Chief Wanderer


Ready to jump in and join the beta?