What’s better than a group of friends, adventurers, and people that love making great software?

The Original Wanderers
Brought together by our love of outdoors and a mild disregard for scheduled classes we have been adventuring together for 25 years.  Professionally we live in the software development world, the engineering world and the business world. We are also photographers, makers, dirtbags, skiers, snowboarders, backpackers, mountain bikers, windsurfers,  paragliders and overlanders.

The Wandering Wives/Partners
Brought together by their love for the Original Wanderers, these women have encouraged them to keep adventuring together while bringing their love of outdoors and super women powers to new adventures.

The Wanderers in Training
Trained from birth to enjoy adventuring, they bring a wondrous joy, love for learning new skills and discovering new places.  They are mathematicians, readers, dancers, skiers, mountain bikers, climbers, swimmers, hikers, stargazers and master s’mores makers.

The  Wandering Friends
This madcap group has joined us over the years through various adventures both professional and personal.  Besides being truly awesome people, they bring a wide range of skills from marketing, meal prep and cooking, laughter, beta testing and above all else are willing adventurers.

The Furry Wanderers
These steadfast companions keep our herd in check on adventures, provide snuggles on cold nights and force us to seek out of the way adventures that are dog friendly and usually epic.